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WOT About Reflections!

Memoirs of a man’s soul. Life reflections and thoughts, appreciating the randomness of life.

September 7, 2019

It’s 8:38 am Hawaii Standard Time, Saturday.  The sustained record-breaking HEAT WAVE we’ve been having for months seems to have cooled this morning. Great relief. I’m not sure why but the weather has been moody lately.  Intense, relentless, unforgiving, badgering.  But for the moment, living in the present, at this hour  it’s comfortable enough to keep me on the keyboard and write.

Like you, I’m a little burdened with having stuff to do. Striving to become a non-fanatical minimalist hasn’t been too easy, at least for me. It seems there’s too much clutter around me.

In my past blog entry about “The trappings of Commercialism!” the cycle of coaxing me to do what I really don’t want to do continues as the advertisers relentlessly bombard me with its endless flow of unsolicited advertising mail and flyers creeping into my mailbox.

But I am on to them. Their ingenious, sophisticated marketing research and then advertising attacks have paved the way, to my adopting sheer Spartan retaliation!

Let’s just call it: RETAIL-iation!

So I try to rip it up and toss but it’s a distraction before the act, because I’m a reader. I read everything. It’s somewhat of a character flaw that even irritates me!

But then again, it might be deeply rooted in my upbringing: My Mom. She would tell me, “Don’t just throw away your mail. Read it. It might be important!”


Often, I don’t read but instead “scan”. I think it’s an influence from the olden days of the “Evelyn Woods Speed Reading method”.

Do you remember that? Read a 5-million page novel in 5-minutes? It’s like your finger tips have built in optical scanners and your simply run your fingers in zig-zag motion across page after page after page.

Yeah, I bought into that. My fingers scanned. My eyes followed. I couldn’t remember anything!

Maybe, just maybe, and they didn’t tell us, that Evelyn Wood actually had a photographic memory, so in essence, all she needed to do is scan page after page after page with her finger tips?

Advertising. I would imagine she made millions peddling her speed reading technique.

You may understand this: Advertising mail flow in. I cringe. “OMG! Not again!” More, more, more. I want it all to stop!  And ironically, sometimes, it does. For a day, maybe a two days. Nothing. Then I think something is wrong? How come the mail stopped? Did they forget me?

I tell you, we’re being brainwashed.

I scan the incoming mail mentally separating crucial from propaganda from enticing. I don’t know, sometimes even I wonder to what realms do my emotions operate in?

The advertisers are trying very hard to get me hooked on something, anything, anything to make me spend! Spend! Spend!

But the spill over effect, is that it takes away energy to sort, to scan, to rip and tear and shred, and even then, there is always a pile of incoming advertisements, flyers, cards, continuing to pile up again! Didn’t I just shred that pile? Yeah, I did.

It seems so simple: I don’t need a mechanical patio shade, I don’t need a gutter device to let leaves fall so it doesn’t clog the rain gutters, I don’t need an axe-hammer-nail-pry bar-zombie multi-tool, I don’t need a pill for stronger erections, I don’t need a cream to remove wrinkles, I don’t need, I don’t want, I just want to be left alone uncluttered, in uncluttered peace, in uncluttered tranquility.

But yes, I admit. It is what it is.

I’m going make a mug of hot water, add a tube of my favorite coffee, let it cool in the refrigerator for a while, then put a handful of ice cubes, and settle down and enjoy my homemade “iced coffee”. No sugar. No cream. No honey. Just instant relaxation on this lazy Saturday morning.


July 2, 2019

I’ve been up since 3:15 am. I woke up to an unexpected but decisive voice telling me to continue my journey. Renew my passion to set sail and explore new uncharted seas! It’s funny, what I mean is, odd, how a voice within nudges me to get up despite wanting to sleep. In early morning darkness, the flickering candle draws inspiration as the ink flows down the tip of the quill.

July 4, 2019

Many people, myself included will remark by July 4, of each year: “I cannot believe it!  Half-a-year has gone by already!! Where did it all go?”

And like clockwork itself, the chorus sings: “I knoooooooow!”

Soon it’ll be Thanksgiving, and then Christmas (or whatever Holiday one recites)! I’m not even ready for it!

What we’re all thinking, time has gone past me. I’m just doing life and suddenly, time has zoomed past without me. And then, we think, whether we spent too much of our waking lives preoccupied with too many things unfortunately causing us to neglect other things, other persons, other important matters on a scale of many other important matters.

Isn’t it the truth: everything is important, I just don’t have time to give all of it importance: attention?

Or perhaps maybe, in my self indulgence, I’ve labeled too many things as important, when they’re not.

All Rights Reserved. An old roadway milestone, United Kingdom

So every year, it happens. The same cycle, the same routine, the same beliefs, the same trappings of important things we marginalized as “milestones”, mere markers on the road of life we travel on every single day.

Like the blur of landscape passing by, like the blur of a roadway accident we rubber-neck just to glimpse how bad it can be, like the blur of cars and like the blur of people all around us miraculously going everywhere without colliding given the absolute odds we should be colliding. Collisions and mishaps perhaps occurring a split second after we passed, beyond our sight, it “never really happened” because we never paused long enough to realize it happened.

We inadvertently, leave people behind. We inadvertently leave important things we should have paused and given attention to, but made no time because under the illusion of moving forward, we move forward, faster, sooner, without acknowledging, we let it pass.

What I am talking about is what you know too. Time passes, we ignore it, and only wake up to it when it appears as a holiday milestone or some other calendar reminder. Everything else has gone by the wayside.

When was the last time you actually saw and spoke to your parent? When was the last time you sat and talked to your child. When was the last time you actually sat down, and talked to your spouse, your sibling, your significant other, your “best friend”?

Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you can’t. Maybe time passed you by. And one day, it’s July, one-half year gone by and you know how fast the next “milestone” appears in your windshield. Before it passes as quickly as it appeared. Again.

All Right Reserved. Roadsafeseniors.org

Yeah, you know what comes after this. I do this myself. I got no excuses really. All I can say, to salvage any credibility of any sense of diligence: “Yeah, I’ll catch up with them.” Just been too busy, you know?”

Remarkably, everyone nods and agrees in chorus.

Believe me: One day your parent had died a while ago. One day your child suddenly grew up and left. One day your spouse, seeing no meaning anymore, left you. One day, you lost your sibling, one day you lost your friend.

Time like a blur had passed you by. And so did others.

If we only paused and then stopped at the last “milestone”.

This time, stop at the next important milestone. Don’t let it pass.

July 12, 2019

The sunlight bathes the glass pane louvers of my apartment, wanting so much to reach out and touch me. It warms my skin chilled from the wee hours after midnight until now.  It’s day break. Dawn. I welcome the spectrum of light basking the numerous items on my desk top, and the warmth against my body.

Each night I bathe with warm water.  In daylight, I should sit calmly and bathe in sunlight.

“There’s also evidence that UV light can push melanocytes—the cells that produce dark pigment in skin—to release endorphins, a feelgood chemical. But the connection isn’t entirely clear yet. It would follow that sunlight, then, would be a good treatment for people with depression and low levels of serotonin.”
“Ultraviolet radiation from the sun releases endorphins – the “feel good” hormones.”
That said, excuse me while I take a morning sun bath!