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Let’s begin your journey into Haiku with a brief introduction. You enter Haiku deliberately. You never rush when reading or writing Haiku. What is read, is read slowly. What is said, is said slowly. What is seen in colorful imagery whether in the immediate moment, or recalled from the past is always spontaneous, vivid and emotional. Sometimes it can be haunting.

Immerse yourself in living each emotional image appearing in your mind, capture it, then reflect it in simple, vividly written Haiku. It’s that simple!

Haiku is typically structured in a set of rows. Each row is comprised of syllables of the words being expressed. Through these words, you create an image that is very meaningful to you!

You can create a short tradional haiku of 3 lines, consisting of 5, 7, and 5 syllables each. Or more desccriptive modern Haiku composed of the 5 lines, consisting of 5, 7, 5, 7, and 7 syllables respectively.

Simply count the syllables on one hand.

In the verse below, count on the number of syllables using your fingers.

line 1 = 5 syllables.

line 2 = 7 syllables.

Line 3 = 5 syllables.

Line 4 = 7 syllables.

Line 5 = 7 syllables.

Truly, a created Haiku verse is like a scene in our life motion picture coming alive from the past, the present and the future.

Liquid energy,
Falling raindrops everywhere,
I see and feel it,
How we shared so many things,
I wish you were here with me.

The process of “doing” Haiku allows acceptance of oneself as you enthusiastically step out to explore and define meaning of life. Therefore, writing and reading Haiku allows you to evolve in a safe and creative way!

You’ve come this far.  Journey with me. Just look into the clear waters of the Haiku Well. Glimpse into the past, the present, and future.  Experience more in “HAIKU WELL:  A collection of Haiku Reflections and Tips on Writing Your Own Haiku”.

Remember, in hush tones within the quiet and peace of your mind and soul, Haiku is read very slowly. Like tapping a musical note and letting it soar, vibrate and linger. Let’s begin with a sampling of life.

All Rights Reserved. Gregg Matsushima

Chapter 1 Reflections: Free Form

Soaring high above,

Through cold and stormy rain clouds,

Seagulls search the land,

For haven beyond rough seas,

Away from people and noise.

The Inca City,

High above the mountain cliffs,

Eagles soaring high,

Ancient passage ways by day,

Hidden catacombs by night.


2 Reflections: Loneliness

Emptiness at night,

Being in a silent cocoon,

My cries go unheard,

Tear drops like mist against the glass,

Sadness and sorrow of heart.

If only you knew,

How much I cared about you,

To be left alone,

Like the night sky with no moon,

To no avail I miss you.


3 Reflections: Intimacy

When I am with you,

I am a cloud in the sky,

I make you smile,

I am an elephant now,

No wait, I am now a dove.

Through open windows,

I call your name in the night,

Hoping you’ll return.


4 Reflections: Aging

Hands reveal so much,

More than I would like them to,

Aged lines say too much.

When young we face life,

There is only here and now,

When old we face death,

There is only here and now.

Perhaps life and death is same.


5 Reflections: Spirit Images

Images of night,

Arrive quietly tonight,

What will behold me,

Guardians of ancient past,

Forever loyal to me.

Sitting on the cliff,

Watching crashing waves below,

Hundred years ago,

The sound of splitting lumber,

Gnarled against rocks and sailors.


6 Reflections: Nature

If you see at all,

You can clearly see no wind,

It is all around,

A lake a polished mirror,

Reflecting unrustled leaves.

Morning sunlight drips,

Oozing on swaying tree leaves,

Soothing bath of light.


7 Reflections: Joy

Smell the ocean spray,

Captured in billowing sails,

Turn quickly starboard,

Lights on the jagged coastline,

I am anxious to get home.

A flower for me,

Petals of love and passion,

How sweet and caring.


“The process of writing Haiku is an exploratory extraction of your inner-self and the immersion of visualization and imagery. The expressive outflow is one of unselfish sharing. When you are able to share unselfishly, your creativity will follow.”  –gregg matsushima, author of Haiku Well

All Rights Reserved For Beautiful Photographs Emphasized Here.

All Rights Reserved. Gregg Matsushima