I know, we always joke about it until it gets to us…

“Ooooh, he’s just nuts!”

“Ooooh, she’s a psycho!”

“Ohhhh, does this bother you at all?”

“It does, but I need the job.”

“Oh gosh, I think I am going nuts!”

“Oooooh every family has ONE!”

Pardon the language, but the last declaration really says it all: Holy crap! Every family has one?

On Netflix: “Strangers from Hell”, 2019. TV-MA. All Rights Reserved.

I recently saw a Korean horror movie on Netflix. It was supposed to be a bit of horror, and a bit of comedy. Well, maybe not pure comedy but tongue-in-cheek creepy, dark humor because it was so absurd, because it was just too real. It was an interesting show, great writing, great dialogue, great suspense, great cinematography, great psycho characters, great acting! It was so great, it was scary!

Now, this wasn’t supernatural scary like the little girl in the white dress with heavy black mascara around her eyes, it was “real kind of scary” because it was a statement about psychos-ville in the mind of a professional dentist, a creepy motherly landlord, a student on a virtually zero budget and has to find someplace, anyplace to live on a dime, and a bunch of other creepy tenants with creepy issues who all live in this one creepy building complex.

It sort of reminded me of my former work place.

To be candid, just because we all work in the same workplace doesn’t mean we all share some commonality in our upbringing, how we were raised, how we were treated, how we treat others, and all sorts of things which perhaps include how we regard decency, politeness and chaste which we sort of lean toward.

But the gist of the lesson, if there is one to cope, is if you’re sane and the others around you are insane, you’re probably right. It’s NOT you.

In a room full of psychos, they all regard each other as “normal”. And if we reverse the viewpoint, the family full of psychos will regard YOU as the crazy one: “Oooooh every family has ONE!”

As the movie plays, I injected some moot rationale into the movie: Could this be real? Could it really happen? Is there an apartment complex out there just like this?

And then, there’s something about that nagging one-liner exclamation of psycho villa: “Ohhhh, every family has ONE!”

How about two, three, four?

By now the suspense is killing you, and you want to see this movie end to really find out the bottom of this and finally, decipher the meaning of life or as it may be the case. Death.

So let’s just say there’s a brilliant student who took the challenge to make sense of formal government Census confusion and consider this:

“There are approximately 9 billion people on the planet.

“If we say that the average family size is 4, then the number of families would be approximately 2.25 billion.

“Of course, the actual value is much less than this, but this is a good place to start .”


Sooo, if we assume every family has just one psycho, it’s no wonder why lately, we think the world’s gone nuts!

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